ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN] Bonus

ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN] Bonus

 ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Get ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN] Overview

Product Name: ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Vendor: Jai, Firas & Austin

Product Price: $47


ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN] Features

  • App monetization is better than the revenue of websites nowadays. Just think how huge Tinder, Snapchat and Uber are right now!
  • Who needs AllAppPress in their business? Affiliate Store owners, eCom stores – Shopify, ali express, ebay and amazon affiliates stores, blogs, Local Business, offline business, video marketers etc.
  • Gives app owners lead over competitors in engagement
  • You can send eye catching push notification right inside your customers smartphones which is better than email or any other form of engaging with customers/subscribers
  • Apps are more convenient for users & easier to navigate

ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN]-It’s always been important for marketers to have their own website. However, a website’s not enough on its own anymore. . .


It doesn’t matter if you’re:

  • An owner of any kind of affiliate marketing business, no matter what the niche….
  • A Podcast broadcaster who wants visitors to tune into every single one of their broadcasts
  • A local marketer who wants another income stream from selling apps to other businesses
  • An eCommerce store owner (Shopify, etc.)
  • A video marketer
  • Building a review site
  • An owner of a local business, such as a restaurant, a day spa, a hair salon, or even offer professional services such as dentistry or chiropractic
  • Kindle authors who want to remind past customers of new releases for additional sales
  • An eBay or Amazon affiliate
  • Any business owner, no matter what niche, online or offline, who wants to drive more sales and get more customer engagement. . .
  • The good news is, you can change your fortunes, increase your reach, get new recurring revenue clients, create more engagement and sales in 7 ‘stupid simple’ steps . . .

ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN]3 Quick and Simple Steps Are

All It Takes


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

– STEP 1 –

Click ‘Create App


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

– STEP 2 –

Enter App Info


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

– STEP 3 –

Hit Build


ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN]-Few reasons why YOU need an app right now:


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]


“By 2016, mobile device users will spend 3 hours 15 minutes per day using apps. Time spent on mobile browser activities will hold steady at 51 minutes this year and next.”

– How Mobile Apps Stack Up Against Mobile Browsers –, January 14, 2016


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]



“Users are turning away from the browser and relying on applications. Anyone who relies on reaching out to users should be paying attention to these numbers, and have a strategy to deal with the app issue.”

– The Mobile Browser is Dead, Long Live the App –, April 4, 2014


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]


“Establishing app audiences is harder, but their real value is in their loyalty. They spend 18 X more time on apps than mobile web visitors.”

– Comscore 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report

Get ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN] now,click here

ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN]-If you’re doing business online in any capacity, you need to have a mobile app. Period. Here’s why:

  • Everybody loves apps because they’re more convenient, faster and easier for users to navigate than the mobile web
  • Mobile apps are estimated to reach $143 billion revenue with 267 billion app downloads over the next 2 years
  • The Mobile App Industry is currently the fastest growing industry in the world . . . can YOU afford to miss out?
  • Businesses are hungry for apps, but few have the skills or budget to have a custom one created (this spells opportunity for you….)
  • Stats show Mobile Users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and just 14% on websites – think about this, because it’s going to impact your business whether you like it or not. . .

With AllAppPress 2.0 you can increase customer engagement, build brand awareness . . . and . . .

Get the advantages of email marketing without the need to compete for attention inside your customer’s crowded inbox. . .


ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN]-10 Seconds & 1 Click Are All You Need To Create YOUR Own iOS or Android App

NO expensive developers, NO recurring fees, NO technical skills needed!

ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Watch the demo video below to see just how easy it is to create an app with little effort:

1 Click iOS App Demo


1 Click Andriod App Demo


The Above is why AllAppPress 2.0 can change your fortunes for the better.


ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN]-You might not be an e-Comm store owner, or a podcaster…or own a local business. However…

There’s still HUGE opportunity in SELLING apps to business owners…here’s just a FEW examples…

  • Fitness studios/personal trainers can send clients reminders of class times, display fitness class times, and offer app only discounts…
  • The possibilities to create apps for business owners from a wide spectrum of business types is almost limitless…
  • Realtors can send push notifications about open houses, and offer virtual tours of properties to prospects…
  • Dental offices can send appointment reminders, offer specials on optional services such as tooth whitening, and also sell items such as electric toothbrushes and water flossers via app…
  • Hair and nail salons can send coupons, notify clients when specials on products and services are available, offer their clients incentives for referring new clients, let clients know when they have sudden openings in their schedules and more…
  • Nonprofits can inform volunteers of opportunities to serve, notify about fundraising events and more….
  • Bars can notify customers about special events, happy hour, VIP events and more…
  • Restaurants can notify customers about daily specials, loyalty programs and menu changes as well as offer coupons to customers when business is slow…



  • Hundreds of hours of time invested to get your app in the store of your choice
  • To fork out for high-priced developers who’ll wring their hands with glee when they realize your lack of experience
  • Prior experience creating apps
  • To pay recurring fees for AllAppPress 2.0 now (unlike other app builders on the market)
  • Technical knowledge or an existing skill set
  • To make yourself crazy with a steep learning curve in order to create your app. . . if you can click a button and wait 10 seconds, you CAN make an app. . .

ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN]-Let’s take a more in-depth look at…AllAppPress 2.0 Features:

What’s SO great about AllAppPress 2.0?

Why, the very fact it is version 2.0! They’ve worked out any bugs in version 1.0, and have a proven product which already is being used by over 4000+ satisfied business owners. And they’ve added the ability to create apps for both Android & iOS.


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN] Push-Notification

ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN] Push-Notification

Send a message to your app users anytime you like. Unlike email marketing, you won’t have to compete for attention inside an inbox to get your marketing messages seen.

Here’s just a few of the ways you can use Push Notifications in your marketing:

  • Niche Down Your Customers – notify users when there are special offers or new product lines available for their favorite brands (also a great feature for eComm store or local business owners)
  • Flash Sales – everyone loves a bargain, and app users are no exception! Let your app users know when you are running a special promotion . . . perfect for eCommerce store owners & local business marketing
  • Sweepstakes or Contest Pushes – the buzz of a sweepstakes or contest drives users to visit your app, which gives you additional opportunities to expose visitors to your offers
  • Cross-Promote Your Apps – created a new app with a similar purpose to your existing app? Send your current app users to your new app for multiple opportunities to market your goods and services
  • Create apps for local business owners, then charge them to keep their apps updated and send push notifications on their behalf…

While the ability to send push notifications to customers and prospects is enough reason to pick up AllAppPress 2.0 today, they’re only getting started . . . because AllAppPress 2.0 also:

ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Update your mobile responsive website and AllAppPress 2.0 automatically updates your app for you. Any changes you make on your site automatically appear inside your app too!

  • No worries you’ll affect functionality of your app or cause breakages when you update your site
  • Make changes without doing any coding (saves on time and money)
  • Add new pages/features to your site on a regular basis and they’ll appear in your app as if by magic. . .


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

If you have an HTML script you want to add to your app, you’re out of luck if you use their competitor’s platforms.

To add new code into your app, you’d likely need to invest 18 weeks of a coder’s time and expense (think about how this would impact your bottom line.)

Why go through this agony when you’ve got AllAppPress 2.0?

  • AllAppPress 2.0 makes adding 3rd party scripts inside your app super fast and easy
  • With the use of 3rd party script addition, replicate an exact functionality or feature of your website inside the app
  • This ability to easily add 3rd-party scripts saves you months of time, frustration and expense in coding!

ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Some of the drag & drop app builders from their competitors only build Android apps. However, this eliminates your app from being downloaded by millions of iPhones and iPad users, who:

  • Tend to have higher average incomes than Android users
  • Tend to spend much more money via apps than Android users do

So, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out your earning potential is maximized when you have both Android and iOS apps.

With AllAppPress 2.0, you don’t have to settle when you can build apps for either (or both!) platforms to grow your exposure and brand.

And don’t forget – you can also SELL your iOS and Android apps on Flippa for quick cash!

So, if you the advantages of having your own app are becoming crystal clear but you still have doubts if you really need an app in your niche, let’s cover who can benefit from AllAppPress 2.0:


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Monetize your app using Admob

  • eCommerce: Sell your products from app. App store for offline, online, ecommerce businesses.

Who is AllAppPress 2.0 For?

AllAppPress 2.0 isn’t just for local business owners. It isn’t just for affiliate marketers, or eComm store owners.

AllAppPress 2.0 is for every marketer who wants to stay in front of their customers, get better conversions than with email or social media marketing, and build brand awareness.

AllAppPress 2.0 is for:

ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

eCommerce (Shopify, AliExpress, etc.) store owners who want to notify customers about new products and special offers via push notifications (combine push notifications with email marketing for a potent 1-2 sales punch)



ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Amazon and eBay affiliates who want to stay in front of their customers, and increase sales of their affiliate offers




ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Local business owners – AllAppPress 2.0 increases market visibility for your business, builds brand loyalty, and generates excitement for your special offers . . . the ability to send push notifications means you’ll get more customers coming in to check out your offers



ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN] yotubechannel

Video marketers – cash in on the estimated $25 billion gap between mobile usage and mobile ad spending (this means you can get dirt cheap clicks to your offers and opt-in pages)



ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN] virtual

Review sites – Send push notifications whenever a new review is posted. Creates a burning desire for rabid niche fans to pick up your latest and greatest gear and digital product offers

Kindle authors who want to send customers sneak previews of upcoming books and let them know when they release new titles…


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN] affiliate

Affiliate sites from any niche – gives you multiple opportunities to earn, as AllAppPress 2.0 automatically updates your app for you whenever you add new pages to your website (which means you can generate sales from both your app and your mobile optimized site)



ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN] videomarketingnew

Podcasters who want to remind their audience of new broadcasts, provide access to show notes and more…





ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN] virtual

Marketers who want to offer building and maintaining apps as a service for clients….

Add any Analytics code in your website & use it track your Android App Performance… Always keep a Tab on how your app is performing. Any marketer, whether online or offline, can benefit from building a business app with AllAppPress 2.0…

Get ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN] now,click here

ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN]-Did you know, the website auction site ALSO has an app marketplace?


That’s right, you could build apps with AllAppPress and flip them for a profit!

You could create a very nice ‘hands-off’ income stream by building apps with AllAppPress, because both the website building and app creation tasks could be easily handled by a VA . . .

Just find a hot niche, and monetize with mobile ads, t-shirts, or physical products via Amazon, because if you can show some income, your app will sell for more…

Plus here’s a few MORE ideas to monetize your apps:

  • Podcasters can not only notify their listeners when a new broadcast goes live, they can also send affiliate links to their guests books and trainings…
  • Recommend niche-related books/DVDs with Amazon affiliate links to your app customers
  • Kindle authors can provide ‘sneak-peeks’ inside upcoming editions to whet the appetite of their customers, and send a push notification to let their customers know when the books goes live for explosive sales…
  • Create subscription apps for all kinds of lessons, like cooking, photography and crafts…recurring revenue for the win!
  • Cross promote to your t-shirt and gear stores to maximize your profits
  • Run mobile ads on you app…and create additional monetization from push notifications to your products and affiliate links


ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN]-The Super Simple Steps to More Customer Loyalty and Engagement with AllAppPress 2.0 . . . No Tech Skills Needed

Make sure your website is fully-mobile optimized (this is a snap nowadays with the number of fully responsive mobile themes available)


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Log in to AllAppPress 2.0


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Click the ‘Create An App’ tab – enter your website link, and upload your website logo and splash (FYI: a splash is just the image which appears as your app is loading)


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Hit ‘Build & Generate App’


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Download and transfer your app to the app store of your choice (Google Play or iTunes App Store)


ALLAPPPRESS FE: 50 Apps License [MAIN]

Enjoy having a perfect replica of your mobile website in app form generating sales for you 24/7/365


9.-ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN]-If You ARE into ECommerce…

If you DO happen to own a Shopify store (or any other type of eComm store) an app is an amazing sales tool.

  • Cross sell to related stores
  • Offer coupon codes
  • Notify customers of new items in the store
  • Remind customers to complete their orders
  • And this is just the beginning of the possibilities to move more merchandise with an app

And here’s ANOTHER huge opportunity . . .

Other eComm store owners will ALSO want apps for their customers…so you can get paid for creating their app, then get paid a retainer for keeping the app updated (a perfect task to hand off to a VA.)

You could quickly become the ‘go-to’ person for app creation by other stores owners in your niche, further diversifying your income streams.

ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN] Bonuses



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This powerful tool will provide you with everything you need to know to be a success and achieve your goal of getting your apps business to a successful place.






Apps Army

With this product, and it’s great information on marketing your apps it will walk you, step by step, through the exact process they developed to help people get all the info they need to be successful.





Facebook App Secrets

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100 Mobile Website Templates

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Mobile APP Marketing Handbook

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List Hook Plugin

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WP Email Countdown

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WP Solo Juicer

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Small (1)

WP Scrolling Videos

Allows your videos to scroll as visitors read your content! [Concept used by BBC and many others]






Back Link Warrior

Tool That Finds High PageRank Relevant Backlinks





Get ALLAPPPRESS FE 50 Apps License [MAIN] now,click here

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