Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional Bonus

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional Bonus

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional

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Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional Overview

Product Name :Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional

Vendor:Ryan Stevenson

Product Price: $28


Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional Features

With the Azon30DayChallenge You’ll Be Able To Easily…

  • Build WordPress sites for ANY affiliate network or other reason
  • Do smart maintenance on your existing Amazon sites to boost traffic and sales
  • Construct profitable Amazon affiliate sites using ANY software
  • Create compelling, unique content that Google will respect long-term
  • Find hidden gems that software CANNOT uncover
  • Quickly discover high-traffic, low-competition keyword phrases in ANY niche
  • Avoid Google Slaps and Amazon Account Suspensions!
  • Plan niche websites and quickly research useful content


Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional:

  • Great for Beginners or Frustrated Veterans
  • Compliant with Amazon & Google Terms
    for Long-Term Success
  • Daily Learning & Action Plans Provide a Simple Roadmap to Success
  • Watch Planning & Construction for a Complete Amazon Affiliate Website
  • Use Your Existing Software or Theirs!
  • Over-the-Shoulder Video Training
    Shows You Exactly What to Do

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Build Sites Like The Pros With Azon 30 Day Challenge

In a single month from now, your career as an affiliate marketer can be transformed by the Azon 30 Day Challenge. Whether you want to build sites from scratch or use your existing Amazon software, you’ll learn exactly how to overcome and even prevent the biggest problems experienced by the vast majority of Amazon Associates.

This course coaches you with over-the-shoulder videos. Throughout the series, you’ll see ALL aspects of a professional Amazon site being constructed from start to finish! As you work your way through the training, you’ll also be prompted to practice what you’ve learned to create your own Amazon affiliate site.

Take a look at how the Azon 30 Day Challenge will guide you through your Amazon career transformation…
Take a look at how the Azon 30 Day Challenge will guide you through your Amazon career transformation…


Smart Site Maintenance

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional As you build more and more Amazon niche websites, you’ll find yourself having less and less time to manage your existing sites.

The Azon 30 Day Challenge teaches you how to create sites that need very little or even zero updating, but it will also teach you how to quickly monitor your sites to determine when you should make updates to improve traffic and sales. This “Smart Maintenance” is a key to keeping Amazon sites profitable for many, many years after they’re built.


Strategic, Tactical Amazon Advertising

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional

Everyone knows about product review websites. Most Amazon software creates this type of site too, which is why it is the most common type, but this common approach causes you to fight with other affiliates for search rankings.

Simple changes to how you advertise Amazon products can have a major impact on the variety of low-competition keywords you can target and ultimately your monthly traffic and sales.


Profitable Amazon Niche Selection

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional

Your journey into professional Amazon affiliate site building begins with selecting a niche to target and ultimately individual products to promote. These decisions WILL affect the long-term success and profitability of your Amazon site!

No matter what software you use to create your sites, it is important to have some human intervention when you choose your niche or else you’ll be stuck competing with thousands of other affiliates for the same keyword phrases.


Killer Content with Ease

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional

Content is truly the #1 factor for great search engine rankings, but you don’t have to kill yourself with tons of writing to have great content. Quick research in the right places can reveal a goldmine of information for your site that 99% of other affiliates DO NOT USE!

With most Amazon software, it takes care of the content and page creation for you, but that isn’t enough to get great search rankings. Learn to easily add a small amount of your own useful, unique content to make your site stand out from the rest.


Efficient WordPress Configuration

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional
The domain name you select and even how you setup your website can have a big impact on your long-term success. For WordPress users, you’ll get to see recommended ways to configure your site for the best results.

You’ll find out these time-tested tactics and more that give your site a leg-up on the competition before you even build it.


Dominate Search Engine Competitors

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional
Most Amazon affiliates target a limited number of keyword phrases because of the way software creates these websites. With the right knowledge, you can guide your software to target keyword phrases with high-traffic and yet low competition to avoid 99% of the competition.

The Azon 30 Day Challenge will teach you exactly why this situation happens and how to overcome it no matter what method you use to build your Amazon sites.


Daily Video Lessons & Work Guides

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional

This course sets a recommended pace for your progress by dividing the training and work lessons into 30 days. However, you’re welcome to work through this series at your own pace.

Hands-on video modules teach you exactly what to do and actually show you the work being done to create a complete site.

Checklist guides help ensure that you don’t miss any vital steps when you create your own sites.

At the end of the 30 days, you’ll have a completed site of your own AND all of the knowledge you need to continue to build Amazon affiliate niche websites like the pros.


Fast Website Planning & Structure

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional
The pages you plan to create on a website and ultimately the way you arrange those pages can have a MAJOR impact on your search engine rankings. Unfortunately, most affiliates make the mistake of randomly building their Amazon sites and don’t realize it’s a problem until it’s too late.

The Azon 30 Day Challenge will teach you how to quickly take a list of keyword phrases and turn it into a concrete plan for building and organizing your niche sites in a way that will help search engines take notice!


Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional-Never Be Confused Creating Amazon Affiliate Sites…

  • Never again struggle to create profitable niche sites
  • No need to spend money on additional software
  • ZERO tech skills required!
  • Never rely on software to know everything for you
  • No more worrying about Amazon account suspensions
  • No more worrying about disappearing search engine rankings
  • No more guessing about how to use your existing or future Amazon affiliate software

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Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional:


Looking to quit your 9-to-5 JOB? Want to live life on a permanent vacation? The Azon 30 Day Challenge can help you get there one site at a time!


Knowing what to do and when to do it is half the struggle, but this series lays out daily instruction for you to build complete Amazon sites.


Everything you’ll learn in this course is taught to you with easy-to-understand videos that give you over-the-shoulder demonstrations.


Already invested money in Amazon affiliate software? You’ll get to utilize those investments with this course. Don’t have software? Use theirs!

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional-Exactly What You Get With The Azon30DayChallenge…

Two Amazon Ad Plugins for WordPress (PRO)

The PRO edition of the Azon Home Study Course comes with two Amazon affiliate advertising plugins, Product Style and Azon Exit Cash. You’ll get developers licenses for use on unlimited domains for both.

Members Area

The members area organizes all of the training and guidance from this series so you can work through it at your own pace. They recommend one day for each part of the course, but enthusiastic trainees can certainly move through them much quicker.

30 Days of Guidance

The entire course is structured into 30 parts that include step-by-step guidance for you to create your own Amazon site during your training. These guides help you put into action the knowledge that you learn during the Azon 30 Day Challenge.

40 Video Modules

Over 10 hours of over-the-shoulder videos walk you through the construction of an entire Amazon affiliate site from start to finish! These are 1080p HD videos with high-quality audio, so you’ll be able to clearly see all of the action.


Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional-His Personal Software for Amazon Affiliates

If you already have your own Amazon affiliate software that you want to use, great!

If not, the Professional edition of the Azon 30 Day Challenge comes with the two main Amazon plugins that He uses on his personal sites and in this series. You’ll receive developers licenses for both for use on unlimited domain names.

More details on these two plugins can be found below..

Azon Exit Cash

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional
The second plugin creates exit pages. When someone tries to leave your website, you can prompt them to view one final pages. This often used for things like building a newsletter or social media followers, but it can also be a great opportunity to take one more shot at selling your visitors an Amazon product.



Product Style

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional
This is the primary Amazon advertising plugin that He uses and personally created. It creates product ads that you’ll put on the product / brand posts on your site so you can generate affiliate sales. It also has many other features including comparison charts, auto ads, 90-day cookie shopping cart, link localization and more.


Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional-Bonus LIVE Coaching With The Azon 30 Day Challenge

Bonus #1: Niche Ideas Brainstorming

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional video-screen-live-coaching

Everyone needs a niche to target, but finding a good one can often feel like a difficult task. In this live class, Ryan will share his own niche ideas with you and even show you how he personally brainstorms new niche topics.

You’re also welcome to ask questions about your own niches to get Ryan’s advice and recommendations!


Bonus #2: Amazon Software Help

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional

No matter what combination of software you want to use to build Amazon sites, you can learn exactly how to utilize it in this live class.

You’ll be able to ask about specific software that you use to get Ryan Stevenson’s personal advice and recommendations for using it with the Azon 30 Day Challenge.


Bonus #3: Open Q&A Session

Azon 30 Day Challenge Professional

Ask ANYTHING you want about the Azon 30 Day Challenge to get immediate help in this open question and answer session.

This class is very helpful to ensure you don’t get stuck while creating your own Amazon sites. If you find yourself having trouble with something specific, just ask about it in this live class to get personal help!


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