Coaching Authority – Gold Pack Bonus

Coaching Authority – Gold Pack Bonus

Coaching Authority - Gold Pack

Get Coaching Authority - Gold Pack

Coaching Authority – Gold Pack Overview

Product Name :Coaching Authority – Gold Pack

Product Type :PLR Product

Vendor: Aurelius Tjin

Product Price: $27


Coaching Authority – Gold Pack Features

Coaching Authority – Gold Pack-you will get:

  • A ready-made upsell page to increase your profits
  • Social media swipe kit containing 20 x pre-written messages
  • A pre-built affiliate-driving promo tools page
  • A 7 day autoresponder series that turns subscribers into customers
  • 10 high-quality video tutorials with private label rights
  • + 5 more power-packed components to increase your profits and list even more.

Coaching Authority – Gold Pack-What is included the gold package?

GOLD MODULE #1: 10 Video Tutorials With PLR

  • Rebrand the videos as your own as they aren’t branded or watermarked in any way.
  • Rest assured, this isn’t just a bunch of generic outsourced video tutorials from someone with no knowledge on the subject.
  • These high-quality HD videos were recorded by an expert video creator.
  • These are STUDIO QUALITY videos recorded in high definition.
    Offer these videos as an UPSELL when people buy the main product. This will increase your profits drastically!

Coaching Authority - Gold Pack

With HOURS shaved off from recording these videos yourself, you’ll be glad that all you need to do is download and upload these videos for your customers to watch.

Video #1: Have You Got What it Takes To Be a Coach?
Length: 07:43 min.

Video #2: 5 Things Every Business Coach Should Know
Length: 08:38 min.

Video #3: 5 Things Every LIFE COACH Should Know
Length: 09:30 min.

Video #4: 10 Tips For Creating Lasting Confidence
Length: 07:32 min.

Video #5: 10 Tips For Being More Assertive
Length: 07:53 min.

Video #6: 4 Steps To Becoming More Focussed
Length: 04:44 min.

Video #7: Developing a Client Relationship That Works For Both of You
Length: 09:28 min.

Video #8: Putting Together An Effective Coaching Plan
Length: 05:34 min.

Video #9: Platforms To Deliver Your Coaching Plan
Length: 05:04 min.

Video #10: Measuring Value and Success
Length: 04:34 min.

Coaching Authority – Gold Pack-Includes Full Private Label Rights!

  • Offer it as free training for your subscribers!
  • Offer all the videos as an UPSELL for your product to increase your profits!
  • Add the videos as BONUSES to your existing product to add more value and increase your conversions!
  • Offer all the videos as a free gift when people opt-in to your list!
  • RESELL all the videos for $17, $27 even $47!
  • Upload it as training material for your members inside your membership site!


GOLD MODULE #2: Ready-Made Upsell Page:Explode your profits with this instant, ready-made upsell page that

Coaching Authority - Gold Pack

  • Edit the salespage and add more products to the upsell page to increase the value even more!
  • Stop the struggle trying to come up with your own upsell package!
  • Includes the source HTML salesletter and thank you page.
  • This “One Time Offer” style page completes your sales funnel!
  • They’ve done it all for you. Simply add your order button and add this page as your upsell for the Coaching Authority product.


GOLD MODULE #3-Pre-load These Autoresponder Messages To Turn Subscribers Into Customers

Coaching Authority - Gold Pack

  • Day 1: Thanks For Signing Up & Introduction!
  • Day 2: So you want to be a coach?
  • Day 3: Have you got what it takes?
  • Day 4: The sort of people who need coaching
  • Day 5: Here’s how to deliver your coaching
  • Day 6: Do you want to be a Coach or a Mentor
  • Day 7: It’s time to make plans

The aim is to give value, build a relationship with your subscribers and subtly promote the Coaching Authority course. These emails have the “useful but incomplete” feel to it. Your subscribers will get so much value from every email and will want to buy the main product. You’ll get:

  • These messages build your credibility and trust.
  • Written in an authentic, friendly angle.
  • 7 autoresponder messages. Simply pre-load to your autoresponder.
  • Provided in plain text format for easy copying and pasting.

This is a powerful way to automatically establish yourself as an expert and make sales at the same time!


GOLD MODULE #4: Special Report Whitepaper-To Getting People To Hire You as Their Coach’ that your customers will love because it takes just 5 minutes to read and they’ll get a ton of value out of it!

Coaching Authority - Gold Pack

  • Includes the source DOC file so you can edit it freely.
  • The main Coaching Authority product is featured as a recommend resource at the end of the report.
  • This report educates them on the subject so that they’ll be “warmed up” to purchase the main product.
  • Includes PDF version.
  • Giveaway this report to your subscribers as a free gift so you can build a relationship or simply use it to build a list.


GOLD MODULE #5: Affiliates’ Toolbox Page-Provide Your Affiliates With Promo Tools To Promote Your Product!

Coaching Authority - Gold Pack

  • Easy-to-customize HTML template.
  • Includes embedded email swipes, subject lines, social media swipes and graphics!
  • Lots of pre-written swipes for your affiliates to choose from!
  • Ready-made promo tools page for your affiliates. Attract affiliates to promote your product easily!

Get Coaching Authority – Gold Pack now,click here


GOLD MODULE #6: Social Media Swipe Kit-No more wasting time trying to think of what to say to your audience!

Coaching Authority - Gold Pack

Use this swipe kit to promote Coaching Authority effortlessly on social media. You’ll get:

  • 5 x Forum signature call-to-action messages
  • 5 x Email signature call-to-action messages
  • 5 x Twitter Tweets
  • 5 x Facebook/Google posts
  • Simply pick and swipe a message to promote!


GOLD MODULE #7: Top High Traffic Forums & Blogs-They’ve Hand Selected Top Forums And Blogs Where You Can Get Traffic From!

Coaching Authority - Gold Pack

They’ve found some high traffic forums and blogs around the topic where you can get traffic from.
This is a great way to build your credibility, authority and your list.
By establishing yourself on these sites, you’ll become “known” and eventually get traffic since your URL is displayed in the blog comments and in the signature area of forums.


GOLD MODULE #8: In-Depth Keyword Research-Keyword Research – DONE! Here Are Keywords You Can Target In Your Ad Campaigns!

Coaching Authority - Gold Pack

  • Facebook Ads Keywords – A list of interests, people, brands, pages and businesses you can target in Facebook Ads.
  • In-depth keyword research so you can easily target them on pay-per-click networks like Google AdWords.


GOLD MODULE #9: Presentation-Share or Present This Ready-Made Keynote Presentation!

Coaching Authority - Gold Pack

  • Provided in 4 different formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Google Presentation and Plain Text.
  • Created in Google Presentation. Edit the slides easily!
    Distribute it on slide sharing sites such as and for FREE TRAFFIC!
  • Simply upload and start getting traffic from Google and slide sharing sites!
  • 22 slides in total with 20 bite-sized tips


GOLD MODULE #10: Feature Images5 x High-Quality Feature Images To Promote The Product On Your Blog And Social Media

Blog And Social Media

Coaching Authority - Gold Pack
You’re also going to get his high-converting “Special Bonus” feature box image. By placing this on other product owners’ Download/Thank You pages, you can build a huge list of subscribers!

  • PSD files included for easy editing
  • Original size: 600 x 314 pixels (3 times the size of what you see above)
  • Use these feature images to promote your product on your Thank You pages, the thank you pages of your JV partners, on your blog, social media and more!
  • This feature box promotes the Lead Magnet (Module 6 of the main PLR package you just purchased).

Get Coaching Authority – Gold Pack now,click here


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