ExtendAzon 2.0 Plugin Download

ExtendAzon 2.0 Plugin Download


ExtendAzon 2.0 Overview

Vendor: Ryan Stevenson
Product: ExtendAzon 2.0
Launch Date: 2016-Sep-29
Release Time: 09:00 EDT
Cost: $47.
Site: Click on this link
Specific niche: Affiliate Marketing

What is ExtendAzon 2.0?

ExtendAzon 2.0 is a simple to utilize plugin that can be used on new Amazon websites and even dropped into any existing Amazon WP website. It will transform Amazon affiliate links into shopping cart links.


When somebody clicks a basic Amazon affiliate link, they are tagged with an affiliate cookie that lasts for 24 Hr. Unless the visitor finishes a purchase because time period, the affiliate will not get credit for the sale.

With ExtendAzon shopping cart links, you get to take advantage of a concealed secret in the Amazon Associates Program Arrangement that enables you to extend your affiliate cookie life expectancy from 24 Hr to a complete 90 days!

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Why You Should Buy It?

  • USAGE ON ANY WORDPRESS WEBSITE – ExtendAzon was constructed utilizing a distinct and effective innovation that doesn’t exist in other plugin on the marketplace. This technology permits ExtendAzon to scan a whole website to discover Amazon affiliate links so it can transform them into shopping cart links on-the-fly.
  • 2 CART LINK TYPES – When ExtendAzon converts an Amazon link, there are two main types of links users can choose for it to develop. Both link types provide a 90 day cookie life-span.
  • FOUR SHOPPING CART DESIGNS – ExtendAzon users get to select from among 4 cart designs to use. Version 2.0 still has the widget but it now provides a full-page shopping cart and slide-out cart tabs.
  • SIMPLE TO TAILOR – ExtendAzon 2.0 functions an extensively redesigned back-end administrator system that makes it simpler for users to customize the plugin to their liking and to fit the overall style of their website.
  • 2 LIVE COACHING CALLS – To guarantee that all customers get the most from this plugin, Ryan Stevenson will be hosting an overall of two live coaching webinars for them. These will be in the first 10 days after the launch period, and recordings will be offered after they are over. In these live classes, Ryan will be teaching his personal methods using ExtendAzon 2.0, assisting new clients with questions they have about using the plugin, as well as holding open Q&A sessions to make sure no one is left resting on a question.
  • FREE UPGRADES (EXTENDAZON 2.X BRANCH) – All customers of ExtendAzon will continue to receive free 2.x updates to the plugin that may include bug fixes and even new functions.


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