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Flexy Software

Flexy Review: The World’s First Voice Triggered Page Contractor.


Flexy is The World’s First Artificially Smart Page Builder That Can Help You Build Spectacular Pages Easily In Simply Minutes- Entirely With Your Voice.

This page structure monster can produce a site from scratch or import in just 1 click. Then edit the entire thing utilizing only your voice! Just speak to Flexy and she will perform the actions- precisely how you desire them.


– Super-intuitive
– Easy to use
– Reliable
– Next Generation Innovation Made Easy
– Responsive
– Quick

– I have actually not found yet


Supplier: Simon Warner
Item: Flexy AI
Release Date 2017-Aug-04
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price$ 47
RefundYES, 2 Week No Questions Asked Money-Back Warranty
Niche Software
Support Reliable Action
Official site Click here
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

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These are the essential features of Flexy:

  • Be directed through the page structure procedure by your very own synthetically smart virtual assistant.
  • Export your entire website into a single line of code.
  • Test traffic with a 91%- 95% accuracy rating- without wasting a single visitor. #WorldFirst.
  • Clone a site in one click.
  • Never ever need to lift a finger: #Create spectacular websites, quicker, easier and using just your voice!
  • Increase your engagement and conversions by having your very own virtual assistant welcome your visitors AND read out your copy! #WorldFirst.
  • Easy to use- instinctive to discover.
  • Be Super-Creative: Flexy will make changes in a split second, indicating you can change your mind with simply a word- indicating you get ideal outcomes whenever.
  • Take the choice making stress away: Flexy’s Choice- Smart Video Picker.
  • Increase engagement and make your visitors feel right at home with that personal touch: Smart elements immediately change your page images, videos and more depending upon your visitors places!
  • Never ‘get it incorrect’ again- never ever ‘waste traffic: Forecast your conversions with 91- 95% accuracy.
  • Versatile: 3 ways to produce: From scratch, utilizing one of our spectacular consisted of design templates or by cloning another website in just one click.
  • Go Global: Instantly and automatically equate your website into over 100 different languages depending upon where your visitor is from.

Let’s Have A More Comprehensive Take a look at Flexy’s Next-Generation, Yet Easy To Use Features:

Feature # 1: Overall Flexibility With How You Develop Your Pages

  • Create from scratch: Start With a Blank Page
    Want overall versatility? Have a vision of precisely what it is you want from your page? Then this option is for you.
    Start from scratch and develop your best page with Flexy absolutely with your vision.
  • Clone Already Existing Pages
    Merely include the URL of the page you wish to clone … And ta dah- in seconds your page is cloned with Flexy! Prepared to edit with simply your voice-.
    And add any of Flexy’s astonishingly innovative features to your recently cloned website.
  • Select A Stunning Design template From Our Amazing Design template Picker

Feature # 2: Two Options For Quick and Easy Modifying

  • Totally free Type Mode: Permits you to drag your element to any position and edit the method you like.
  • Block Mode: Permits you to develop pages using rows and columns to enable content to be responsive on all devices.

Feature # 3: Flexy Will Tell You Your Conversion Future

Just Imagine If You Might Tell Exactly what Your Conversions Were Going To Be … Without Having To Waste Real Traffic On It … With a Spectacular 91% + Precision!

Flexy is your conversion crystal ball. Flex enables you to see into the future without having to squander any of your genuine traffic- The ConverMetric AI will send out from 50 to 500 virtual visitors (you selected the quantity!) to your page- Who will cleverly engage and scroll just like genuine users.

The ConverMetric has actually been trained to tape data and circulation of the page and automatically compares it to pages that consistently convert extremely.

It provides you an engagement rating, a bounce rate, conversion rate, user retention rate and more … With 91%- 95% accuracy! And even suggests specifically how you can improve your conversions.

Feature # 4: Make Your Visitors Quickly Feel comfortable With Automatic Smart Personalization

Given that the success of items like SmartVideo- all of us know the engagement rising power of page personalization. Engaging with your prospect on an individual level can increase your click through rates by approximately 985% (Forrester).

So simply you wait to see the number of portion points your conversions go up by once you visitors see their house city pointed out right there for them. (And remember, this is all done automatically for you- you do not even need to lift a finger!)

Your visitors can see a video or image particular to their area- And this is all done immediately for you. You don’t even need to lift a finger.

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Feature # 5: Be Innovative In No Time At All And Get Perfect Results

Flexy can even take a few of those stressful fiddly decision making procedures off your hands … Because it’s so fast and easy to get Flexy to attempt a new colour or insert a new picture …

You can try as many options as you like in less than half the time it would take you by hand … And you can be sure you’re getting the best possible look for your page. Be totally innovative- in an instant– and with just a number of words!

Feature # 6: Always Get That Perfect Image Precisely Where You Required It With Flexy’s Smart Image Picker

Now, (unless you truly want to), there is not any have to um and ah over that killer image to place on your page. Just chose a genre or keyword and say “Flexy, your choice” … And Flexy will automatically select for you the ideal image that will fit great on ‘that area’ on your webpage-

Flexy keeps track of the dimensions, colours and more of you page to help you make best choices without the tension … And help you trigger the right feeling to close your clients each time.

Feature # 7: Flexy’s Special Storytelling 3D Avatars Boost Your Engagement.

People enjoy listening. A lot of individuals lean to acoustic information instead of reading it. (Think of the rise of audio books!) With Flexy- not just are you getting up incredible 3D avatars that will invite and welcome your visitors to your page …

They LIKEWISE properly read out your pages for you. Utilizing Flexy’s copy reading 3D avatars can increase your engagement by up to?%.

Feature # 8: Instantaneous language Translation To Over 100 Various Languages With Over 99% Precision.

Flexy is not only the most artificially intelligent page contractor ever produced. She’s multi-lingual- An immediate language translator. In fact, Flexy’s AI has actually surpassed the average human translation accuracy.( She’s a wise girl!)

When you’ve developed your page- Your page gets instantly equated into the languages of all the countries you have picked. And it’s 99% precise.

The language translation is automated and instant. Powered by the newest neural network translator powered by Google- (So it’s not like other engines that equate per word- and for that reason get it wrong).

This engine really reads out the sentence prior to translating and releaseds a 99% perfect translation. Every major language is catered for including.

Let’s enjoy the demo Video below to see it in action:

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I do not wish to take you a lot of time, so these are 7 huge reasons and also 7 benefits that you ought to take Flexy on your side:

  • Your Personal Page Building Guide: Be guided through the page building process by your very own artificially smart virtual assistant.
  • Never ever need to lift a finger: #Create stunning websites, quicker, simpler and using only your voice!
  • Fast, Easy, Effective Cloning: Clone a website in one single click.
  • Absolutely no Knowing Curve: Easy to use- User-friendly to find out.
  • Time Saving and Efficient: Export your entire site into a single line of code.
  • Never ever EVER Waste Traffic: Test conversions BEFORE you go cope with a 91%- 95% precision score- without wasting a single visitor. #WorldFirst
  • Boost Your Engagement And Conversions: Your personal 3D avatar will welcome your visitors AND read out your copy. #WorldFirst.

The developers provided me a beta version, and after 2 weeks of using it, exactly what I like about Flexy is that you don’t have to have an innovative bone in your body. You begin with something that is already working … and you edit from there. With Flexy you can produce and submit great looking, high transforming pages quickly.

On top of that, My two preferred things about Flexy app are first, that you can model a website by using Flexy to produce one line of code that you can submit to your WordPress domain. You easily and effortlessly produce a website with a couple of edits to make it special and send out the traffic where you want. In just a couple of minutes, you can produce a site without understanding an ounce of code or any understanding of graphic style. It’s an easy and pain-free procedure. And 2nd, I really like that we can utilize these same sites that we can generate and have them translated into any language that we select. The visitors ip address identifies what language that they get to see supplied we optimize (essentially just choose a check mark for each language) for their language. So, if you wanted to target 10 specific languages, you would pick those 10 particular languages in Flexy and your visitors from those 10 specific countries would get material in their native language. That is very powerful for anybody who promotes on an international basis, which seems to me is basically 100% of online marketers.
With Flexy, You do not have to be some type of tech website design genius, you don’t have to pay a group of developers. And now you don’t even have to lift a finger to create the website.


During the launch time, you can grab Flexy with early riser discount cost in these alternatives below. Let’s choose the best suite for you before this special offer gone!

And Simply do not hesitate to give it a try, due to the fact that you have no danger with 2 Week Money-Back Guarantee.


In summary, I hope that all of the details in my Flexy Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then have the ability to make a smart option. If you’re ready to begin making a real online income in the most passive way possible then click the button listed below prior to the rate increases. I am look forward to seeing your success.

Get Flexy now, click here

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