FlickGIF Download

FlickGIF Download


FlickGIF enables you to create GIFs from video or set of images, and include text, image, animated flash sticker label, effect, and pan & zoom to it. You can make a GIF in black & white, flip it, play in reverse, and even bounce animation playback back and forth instead of loop.

On top of that FlickGIF gives you an ability to render both conventional animated GIF format to use on any image social networks, and HD video format, to use on social networks with looping video support like Facebook. This is the only GIF production software that does all that.

FlickGIF’s Key Features:

FlickGIF has Ken Burns impact, pan & zoom, ability to add SWF flash animated sticker label (or any flash animation- SUPER crucial) on top of GIF, excellent filters like b & w, mirron, flick.

It allow you to crop video & GIF inside FlickGIF which is essential too.

LIKEWISE it does create GIF not just from video however from set of images too.

It can export video in BOTH GIF and VIDEO formats and, which is actually critical for Facebook and Instagram, can do also picture, square and any custom dimension export for both GIF and video.

I did not see other GIF developer doing all that.

PRO upgrade enables you to likewise import currently done GIF and include all to it (millions of ready done GIFs user can download from sites like Giphy, Imgur and other websites).

I also did not see other GIF creators importing currently done GIFs either (Plus, it transforms GIFs to video for external pre-done GIFs without adding anything too).

PRO also has GIF to looped MP4 video CONVERTER which enables user to get already viral GIFs, convert them to looped MP4 and upload to Instagram and FB.

You will be comfortable on FlickGIF within the very first 15 minute session and it’s that simple. No technical skills or style skills are required to pick a video or set of images, choose choices, render and done. FilickGIF software is about flexibility, it’s not cloud-based so you have all you need right at your computer system without the need of relentless web connection and you’ll never ever have to worry about lag present and cloud-based software.

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How Does FlickGIF Work?

  • Step1: Crucial video or set of images
  • Step2: Select options
  • Step3: Render

What make FlickGIF various from other items?

FlickGIF is a brand new advanced software that makes new animated present creation very easy and fast. FlickGIF allows you to produce presents from video or set of images and include text image animated flash sticker label result and pan and zoom to it. You can make a present in black and white, turn it, play in reverse and even bounce animation playback and forth of loop on top of that.

It offers you an ability to render both traditional animated present format to utilize on any social media and HD video format to use on social networks with looping video support like Facebook. This is the only gift development software that does all that since flick it permits you to use adobe flash animations as stickers. It provides you instantaneous access to countless existing flash animation in nearly any existing marketing need.

FlickGIF allows you to render HD video with the same material as brand-new animated presents so you can submit directly. It also allows you to turn gif animation into a completely looped mp4 file so you can publish straight to Instagram.

FlickGIF software has been developed by expert developers under the supervision of expert online marketers and the result is definitely amazing.

You can get remarkable Captivating presents people love which are ideal for viral distribution, product discussion and so much more. All that implies your present looks fantastic brings in clicks, likes, shares, pins and tweets to increase your direct exposure and help you boost sales.

10,000 of developers, marketers, business owners and business are already utilizing this software with more people joining everyday.

FlickGIF Related Product (OTO/Upsell/Ugrade):

Last verdict- Your Turn!

You can get immediate and instant access to FlickGIF with unlimited use permitting you to develop limitless on your own and your service just by offering a small one time financial investment. But you need to purchase today since the software is brand-new and advanced and this is an extremely unique initial deal.

You can start right now. Go on to click the button below and i’ll see you on the other side.


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