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Green Screen Lab Software Download


Green Screen Lab By Ionut Macovei- The 3-in-one Green Screen Suite that offers you all the tools to transform your videos, including a touch of class to your video production.

We’ve all seen the shift to video, in fact by 2019 80% of web material will be video … And if you want to make the most of the “video revolution” you much better ensure your videos stick out from the crowd due to the fact that if you post a boring video NOBODY is going to wish to enjoy it … even worse they’ll hurry to click far from your page …

That’s where Green Screen Lab comes into action.

Green Screen Lab videos are among the best methods to connect with your audience, as you can talk in front of the camera which creates trust with the audiences as well as put videos, images and text in the backgrounds makings the videos more interesting and interactive.

Green Screen Lab opens the way to having excellent backgrounds, making effective presentations and impressive training tutorials.

With Green Screen Lab you get over 160 Virtual Studio sets along with a step by step Green Screen Video Training Course and a totally free video editing software.

With Green Screen Lab you’ll have the ability to:

  • Make any video look professional and quickly grab interest
  • Convert more audiences into paying customers
  • Get more traffic from your YouTube videos
  • Boost click trough rate on your Facebook advertisements





Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Green Screen Training
    In Green Screen Lab you’ll find out everything you have to know about green screen so you can construct your own home studio and begin developing high transforming videos.
    This is a total step by step course going from the most cost effective green screen setups to background removal and positioning yourself anywhere in the world without the have to travel.



  • FREE Editing Software
    We’ve also consisted of the totally free video modifying software that we’re utilizing to modify our videos, and we teach you ways to use it to get the very best results.
    How about that? No more fees on costly tools to edit your footage.
    NOTE: The software resembles Sony Vegas, Best Pro or Camtasia. This is not an animation video creator.
  • 160 Virtual Sets
    We desire your audiences to be amazed so we’ve included 160 virtual sets that are very simple to use with your green screen video.
    Each among them remained in house produced and has movement elements to make it look extremely sensible and expert.


Green Screen Lab Benefits:

  • Engage Your Audiences
    Create more vibrant and expert videos than ever before that increase engagement
  • Make More Sales
    Increase your conversion by up to 276% as we did in our marketing projects
  • Get More Traffic
    Get low-cost traffic to your offers, in record time from YouTube and Facebook
  • Save Time and Money
    Stop losing time and cash on outsources, actors and pricey video editing tools.




Green Screen Lab Bonuses:


Green Screen Lab Bonus



Green Screen Lab Bonus



Green Screen Lab Bonus



Green Screen Lab Bonus


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