IM Conversion Starter Plan Review

IM Conversion Starter Plan Review

IM Conversion Starter Plan

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IM Conversion Starter Plan Overview

Product Name : IM Conversion Starter Plan
Vendor: Dr. Amit Pareek (Saglus Limited)
Product Price: $27.00


IM Conversion Starter Plan Features:

  • Not just ANALYTICS – FULL Insight on what’s Happening!
    You get a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on in your account right now. From visitors, to conversions, to widget loads.
  • No Monthly Payment
    No Annual Payment!
    They can easily charge a monthly payment like others do for all the awesomeness they are delivering here. Today, grab everything for just a small ONE-time payment.
  • Boost Conversion Anywhere
    Either promote affiliate offers, use on squeeze pages or on sales pages. IT WORKS and Increases opt-ins, Click through rates, sales and ultimately profits by upto 1375% for just 60 seconds of your work.
  • Trigger Pop-ups to drive more subscribers & sales
    Beautiful designs and solid conversions. These popups are built to convert.
  • Nothing To Install!
    It is a web based service that you simply login & use. Nothing to set up, no tricky install, just login, create and you’re ready – A huge time saver! Newbie or Expert, Its FOR YOU
  • Add conversion Bars in minute on website
    Floating horizontal bars proven to keep getting leads & CTR for you on autopilot.
  • Embed timer to web pages and email promos
    COUNTDOWN TIMERS are the ultimate scarcity generation tools.
  • Works Everywhere!
    Use it on regular HTML pages or a WordPress blog, for any web browser and with all smart phones and mobile devices.
  • Track Clicks with 100% Accuracy
    Simple, yet advanced. Redirect visitors to a link of your choice, Real time tracking of all your promos, email clicks, ads, and website links.

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A complete conversion suite at the heart of which lies an advanced click tracking solution that is built for affiliate marketers, bloggers, email marketers, product sellers and IMers AKA “their crowd”.
Their new-age click tracker and suite of conversion tools help you take click through rates & conversion rates on your landing pages to a whole new level.
Whatever technique you want to have on your landing pages to maximize your PROFIT, Our IM Conversion Suite ALREADY HAS IT.

  • Conversion Bars
  • Conversion Popups
  • Click Tracker
  • Countdown Timers that also works great in emails &
  • Full Insight for your Pages

And It ONLY takes your 60 seconds to optimize your Money pages with it.


Let’s check out the astonishing features that they have in store for you!
Click Tracker
IM Conversion Starter Plan

The IMConversion click tracker has pretty much all the features that beginners to intermediate internet marketers would need.
They scrapped out some of the bells and whistles and focused on the core click tracking needs that weuse themselves. This includes:

  • Custom short code with a choice of tracking domains
  • Cloaking of your links
  • Redirect Mobile visitors to a different URL
  • Redirect visitors on the basis of their Country
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Retargeting Pixels

Once you start getting clicks, They start showing you beautiful charts


Pin-Point Accurate Analysis
IM Conversion Starter PlanYou get a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on in your account right now. From visitors, to conversions, to widget loads.
Use these analytics to define the way you do business and tune it to the next level.


Countdown Timer
IM Conversion Starter Plan




The IMConversion countdown timers can be embedded not only on your webpages, but also in your email promos. And it’s all so point and click – you’ll be amazed.
You can modify any timer in real time without having to copy paste code every time you make changes.
You will also get theme options to choose and As always, all the view data for your timers is available instantly…
Once you start getting clicks, they start showing you beautiful charts as well as complete raw click history along with co-ordinates.
Watch Ritoban LIVE60 SECOND CHALLENGE to Create & Launch A Campaign with the IM Conversion Suite.


Conversion Bars
IM Conversion Starter Plan

You can have a sticky horizontal bar that either redirects people to a link of your choosing, or gets them to opt-in. All that within seconds without having to code anything.
You can customize the bar pretty easily to your own colour scheme and get it integrated with your autoresponder account in just a couple of clicks.


Conversion Pop-ups
IM Conversion Starter Plan
They had a hard, long look at the way popups were used in their industry and then worked from there. They analysed their own personal data and came up with Conversion Popups. They have several beautiful themes from choose from along with options for when and how the popup should be triggered – On every page load or after some delay. The popup call-to-action can either be a redirect to a link of your choice or to drive more subscribers to your list. Integrated with major autoresponder services, setting these up is a breeze.
Once you start getting clicks, they start showing you beautiful charts as well as complete raw click history along with co-ordinates.


IM Conversion Starter Plan-Discover The All-In-One Tracking, Conversion & Analytics Tool That Increases Your Leads, Commissions & Sales By Up To 1,375%…
In 60 Seconds Flat!

No Installation Needed! Simply Copy & Paste a Line of Code on Your WordPress Sites, Affiliate Sites, Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, or HTML/PHP Pages… & Watch Their Conversions Sky-Rocket By Up To 1,375%!
Watch the VIDEO
It Will Change the WAY You Think About Online Marketing!

Make MORE Money With The SAME Traffic By Supercharging Your Blogs, Newsletters & Landing Pages Within 60 Seconds Using The IM Conversion Suite!


IM Conversion Starter Plan-No Matter What Niche You Are In – If You Are Doing Business ONLINE, It’s Built For You. ENGAGE Every Visitor & Literally Force Them to Take Action.


See how this smart affiliate is using a popup on his niche website to encash every visitor while promoting a Clickbank offer that pays $56.32/Sale
 IM Conversion Starter Plan

When someone is interested in ‘apple cider’ & comes to this site – A pop-up shows up instantly on page load. That’s how he is Engaging 100% Visitors and driving more clicks to affiliate offers to make $56+ per sale. Interesting…


 IM Conversion Starter Plan


He got 66 emails of affiliates out of 768 unique visitors in Just 3 Days. It’s 8.6% Optins that is crazy 1600% hike in Opt-in rates than usual 0.5%.


IM Conversion Starter Plan popups

A CPA marketer is promoting a ‘slot game offer’ using a popup on his Game Lovers blog.
By using popups, he gets more affiliate clicks by motivating people to play slot games for FREE & making $42 in commissions for everyone who plays a game & creates an account. Wow… Nice promo.


IM Conversion Starter Plan edulikes
Got 2,467 Likes on Facebook using this Campaign! Popups for social engagement. Impressive!!


IM Conversion Starter Plan eduncle

This Education Portal is running a Social campaign using a Popup that hardly takes 30 seconds to create with IM Conversion Suite.


IM Conversion Starter Plan cbarSee this conversion bar. It took just 30 seconds to create & turn it on for my affiliate Page.


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