LinguaScribe Software Download

LinguaScribe Software Download


Powerful Language & Audio Toolkit

Translate Text Into Any Language
Translate any content including text, Webpage or Videos into 100s of languages.

Lifelike Voiceovers
Convert text of any language into audio, and even convert into audio of other languages.

Voice To Text
Turn audio clips and narrations into blog articles, posts or ebooks.

Get More Organic Traffic Worldwide With Lifelike Al Voice-Over, Translations And Transcriptions

Explode Your Market Reach 5x With Simple Automation


Take Simple Text Content & Turn It Into A Crowd-Pulling Magnet With A Click

Use it anywhere, even on the mobile

LinguaScribe is on the web and will go with you wherever you want. It’s 100% mobile compatible and you can use it on a PC or even on a mobile without any hassles.

Super Easy To Use!

Designed by veterans with 20 years of experience in software production. You get a well-designed, superbly usable package that works just as you expect it to.

No learning curves, no wasted hours. Everything is laid out in a simple and accessible manner.

Completely Automated Yet Flexible

LinguaScribe gives you the choice between 100% automation and full control.

You can choose to automatically convert between languages and formats. Or you can keep the control yourself.

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Just Some Of The Ways To Boost Your Business Using LinguaScribe’s Language Automation

  • Post your social media posts in many languages
  • Crate podcasts from your blog in multiple languages
  • Convert videos into blog articles and posts
  • Make audiobooks from your blogs or ebooks
  • Multilingua Sales &Amp; Landing pages
  • Narrate your videos & slideshows in any language you want
  • Make amazing voice-overs and narrations for your videsos
  • Post your blog articles in multiple languages
  • Make audio versions of your articles & attract listeners

LinguaScribe Demo

The Easiest Organic Traffic Boost You’ll Ever Get This Year

Step1:Feed It!
Feed LinguaScribe
audio or text

Step2:Translate It!
Voiceover Or Translation

Step3:Reap It!
Watch the traffic
flow in from fresh

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