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Push Response PRO Overview

Product Name: Push Response PRO
Vendor: Andrew Darius – ProfitLynk
Product Price: $97.00


Push Response PRO-New Facebook Push Notification Tech

Push Response PRO facebook-push

They know that you are going to love this software, but before you go inside the member area, they have a one time special offer that they want you to really take advantage of.
It is the Push Response PRO upgrade which is going to give you the ability to send Facebook notifications, use conversion pixel with ability to switch follow up sequences, and Facebook retargeting pixel support throughout conversion funnel.
You already took big step toward more sales by adding push notifications to your marketing mix, but the more ways to collect and reach subscribers, the better the sales.
As a part of the PRO upgrade you will get the ability to collect subscribers from facebook, and send facebook notification to them.


Push Response PRO-Send Laser Target Messages With the Push Response Conversion Pixel Feature
Push Response PRO conversionpixel

The amazing PRO feature is conversion pixel with attached follow up sequence, which allows to switch buyers to different sequences as they progress through the sales funnel.
Imaging that your sales funnel has a front end product and an upsell.
If somebody already purchased a front end product you do not want to continue sending messages about buying that already purchased product, but instead you want to promote the upsell.
This is exactly what conversion pixel is designed to do.
Using conversion pixel you can send laser targeted messages as both one time broadcasts and follow-up sequences.
Conversion pixel works for funnel with unlimited length.
Sending targeted promotions only to right prospects skyrockets your conversion rates and sales.
Conversion pixel can also be used on any web page on your website.
It allows you to switch follow-up sequence depending which web page was visited by a prospect.

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Push Response PRO-Built FB Massive Notification List

Push Response PRO pro-mac

Push Response PRO allows you to collect both notification and email subscribers, so you will not only get massive promotion boost from Facebook notifications, but you will also be able to build email list on top of it.
Version PRO integrates with tens of autoresponders, and can transfer email leads to multiple systems at the same time.
The first thing the user does on facebook is to check the notifications by clicking on globe icon at top of page, and this is exactly where you will be able to post messages with Push Response PRO.
Facebook notification can have and image, text, and link to which user is redirected after click.
Push Response Facebook notifications show the same way as other notifications the user checks every day.
It means that the user will see them why scrolling through notifications from friends activities.
Your promotions display alongside those friends’ activities, what makes them very powerful.


Push Response PRO-Seamlessly Integrate Facebook Pixel to Push Response Conversion Pixel
Push Response PRO pr-plus-fb


The final PRO feature allows the user to add Facebook pixel to Push Response conversion pixel.
That feature makes it possible to use Facebook retargeting ads for every step of sales funnel, so you can promote just the right upsell.
Clearly the PRO version can bring your business to the next level, so go ahead, and upgrade to the pro license.
Thanks as see you inside the member area.


Get Push Response PRO now,click here


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