Reseller Box PREMIUM Bonus

Reseller Box PREMIUM Bonus




Reseller Box PREMIUM Overview

Product Name :Reseller Box PREMIUM
Vendor: Marius Price
Product Price: $42.00

Reseller Box PREMIUM-They Just FIRED Their Costly Developer And Made $2.5 Million Dollars To Boot in 12 Months!

COPY THEIR SUCCESS – They’ve made a Full Time Income Selling WordPress Plugins …

These “resell packages” are specially formulated from the most successful products in history so you KNOW it will make you money with certainty, you’ll have your sales material in minutes and you’ll NEVER need to pay any developer, copywriter or designer anymore.
Regardless of your niche… this package will work 100% for you.



  1. Login into their members area, and select one of the niches you wanna launch into
  2. Choose from their proven to sell, million dollar, done-for-you wordpress plugins
  3. Edit their PROVEN SALES pages and graphics, list them on jvzoo … and you are DONE!

And It Will Make You More Money Than Ever:


Without your own business, the rug can be
pulled out from under you at any time:
Affiliate networks have been known to ‘shave’ clicks – and fail to credit for all the sales you send their way

Employers don’t have loyalty to employees any longer – job security is non-existent nowadays

Service providers can go through dry spells when it seems no one is asking for their help. . . so their income vanishes overnight

You could be making bank with CPA one day, and suddenly find your offer shutdown. . . which puts you back at square one testing offers again

Coaching clients finish their contracts, then the coach is in a vicious cycle of always having to hustle for more clients…

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Reseller Box PREMIUM-YOUR Complete Solution for a WP Plugin Business Without Hiring a Coder

They’re excited to announce Reseller Box, which is a carefully selected bundle of 5 great WordPress plugins you can resell. This way YOU keep all the profits. . . there’s no middle man to share with.
The options are almost limitless for opportunities with the high-quality Reseller Box WP plugin bundle. . . whether you’re an affiliate, CPA or email marketer, or you make your living as a freelancer or coach.

Here’s A Quick Overview Of The Plugins You’ll Receive In The Reseller Box Bundle Today



Visual Developer

Created for Non-Techie Persons, Developers, Designers & Marketers to Make CSS Changes on the Fly. . .
With a few clicks of your mouse, change text alignment, experiment with different colors and textures on your blog, and more.

Drag & Drop Designer
Split Testing Feature
Advanced Options
No Coding Required


surveyengageSurvey Engage

Understand your customers’ needs with easy to setup surveys. Get insight into the products and services your customers want and need most – display surveys anywhere on your website with a simple shortcode.

Full Support – Priceless
WP Plugin
Resell Rights
Sales Page



Global Countdown

If you’re looking into a solution of creating scarcity for your customers, you’ve found it. Global Countdown is the easiest way to attach countdowns within your emails, in less than a few minutes.

Split Testing Feature
Drag & Drop Designer
Advanced Options
No Coding Required


keyworddirectory1-1Keyword Directory

Create a custom dictionary for your page in minutes . . . gives your visitor the information they need to make an informed decision about your offer … plus keeps your bounce rates low at the same time. (Low bounce rates helps Google favor your site in the search engine rankings for more organic traffic.)

Resell Rights
WP Plugin
Sales Page
Full Support – Priceless


keywordtooltipKeyword Tooltip

Keyword to Tooltip draws attention to icons, images, or hyperlinks on your blog – easily point out special offers or any information you think would benefit your visitors on mouse hover.

Resell Rights
Sales Page
Full Support – Priceless
WP Plugin


optinengage1Opt-in Engage

An Opt-in/Squeeze Page Plugin for ‘Lazy People’ – simply copy & paste your autoresponder code into Opt-in Engage to create beautiful, high-converting opt-in pages in minutes – without the integration hassles common to many opt-in/squeeze page plugins.

WP Plugin
Resell Rights
Sales Page
Full Support – Priceless


Reseller Box PREMIUM-IMAGINE. . .
YOU: An Overnight Success with a
WP Plugin Business

Look, you’ll never see a better opportunity to become the owner of a WordPress plugin business than by picking up Reseller Box today. Think about it:

  • You won’t have to hire coders and wait months for them to deliver your WP plugins
  • You don’t have to update your plugins – because they’ll do it for you
  • Most of all . . . business owners from every niche need WordPress plugins and the market just keeps growing . . .

Even after seeing all the income possibilities from owning your own WP plugin business, you might be a little hesitant to jump in. You’re not a coder, and you don’t have an extra thousand bucks or more to get a plugin developed.
Well, don’t let any of these reasons hold you back from selling your own WP plugins….
They’re going to hand you everything you need to start your own WP plugin business right now, hassle-free and with minimal expense.


update-pluginAnd this is an additional HUGE benefit to picking up Reseller Box right now:
The Reseller Box team will update the plugin bundle on your behalf. This will save you hundreds, even thousands in expenses over time.
Now, while you might think you’d pay at least $157 for the bundle, based on it’s value, they’ve got a very pleasant surprise for you.

Get Reseller Box PREMIUM now,click here


Selling YOUR Own Software without relying on anyone else…

They’ve been fired from jobs, got ripped off by shady affiliate & CPA networks and watched their incomes dry up when their client bases shrank. They quickly realized they needed to sell their own online products in order to stabilize their incomes.
Like many other marketers, they started out by selling info products. Info products are fast, easy and inexpensive to create…however, selling info products has a HUGE drawback you need to consider.
Info products are niche specific.
This means their appeal is limited to a very specific audience.
In contrast, check out the biggest, highest earning product launches. You’ll see software sales dwarf most info product sales by a huge margin. Here’s another fact you should know…
Nine times out of ten, the biggest product launches are WordPress plugin launches. And here’s why….


There is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY Waiting & You Need
to Take Advantage of it Today – Start Selling Your Own WordPress Plugins…

The beauty of a great WordPress plugin is it benefits marketers from all walks of life… whether it’s the IM niche… the fitness niche… the self-development niche…
Or whatever niche you might be into. WordPress is a VERY big deal.

  • 25% of all websites run on WordPress, and 50,000 new WP sites are added daily
  • There’s 42,669 (and growing) WordPress plugins with 1,163,001,727 total downloads
  • Over 100,000 wordpress plugins are downloaded every day & the usage is climbing really fast…

Create WordPress Plugin Businesses

The sky’s the limit because of the growing market for WP plugins. Businesses all over the world run their sites on WordPress.
Now, would they still go the WP plugin route if they had it to do all over again? You’re darned right they would.
Even if can be painful to work with coders… For example:

  • Costs mount up fast if you decide to change or add features to your plugin midstream
  • Communication barriers often exist with coders, which means you won’t get what you want (and can cost you a ton of money)
  • Coders are expensive. It’s nothing to pay from 2-10k per project
  • A few unscrupulous coders lift copyrighted source code from other people’s plugins, which can leave you on the hook for big copyright violation fines
  • Projects can drag on for months, and cost you thousands of dollars in lost opportunities


Reseller Box PREMIUM Bonuses



BONUS #1-Sales Page Framework

Get a quality sales page just like a proven copywriter would create for you – without the expense and diva attitude – just by pushing a button!

  • Simply answer a few questions, and the Copybuilder Sales Page Framework produces near-flawless sales pages with its proven-to-convert templates…even if you’ve never written sales copy before in your life.



BONUS #2-Explainer Video Framework

Copywriters charge a ton to create explainer video scripts, because they’re a lot of work! Now you can quickly and easily create your own explainer videos scripts hassle-free with Copybuilder.

  • Create high-converting explainer video scripts in just a few minutes… like the ones top marketers use to create buzz and excitement for their products… you could even offer explainer video scripts as a new profitable service.



BONUS #3-Headlines Framework

Every professional copywriter will tell you the most difficult to write, yet the most crucial element in sales copy, is the headline.

  • The Headlines module is perfect to create compelling sales page headlines, email subject lines, and blog post titles in mere minutes which call visitors to action



BONUS #4-Bullet Points Framework

Many people don’t know there’s a formula to write great bullets (one of the single-most read elements on any sales page). So why leave your bullets to chance when you’ve got Copybuilder as your secret weapon?

  • Create riveting, attention-grabbing bullets for ad copy, blog posts, email newsletters and sales pages faster (and better) than a pro churns them out



BONUS #5-Opt-in Page Framework

Here’s how to create an opt-in page in a matter of minutes which generates fresh daily leads for you:

  • Step one: Create a giveaway report or video, or use one you may already have kicking around your hard drive
  • Step two: Answer a couple of questions, and Copybuilder creates high-converting opt-in page copy in an instant
  • Step three: Monetize your new leads with your Reseller Box plugin bundle – yes, it’s this easy!



BONUS #6-Facebook Ads Framework

Don’t struggle to create high-converting Facebook ad copy any longer – Copybuilder gets it right for you the very first time.

  • Tap into their tested-and-proven FB ad formulas with a just few clicks – forget spending hours writing, testing and refining your ad copy



BONUS #7-Newsfeed Ad Library

Yes, you need great copy for successful FB ads . . . however, great copy’s not enough on its own. You also need compelling ad images to grab Newsfeed viewers and get them to pay attention.

  • You’ll get a library of 400 FB ad graphics, 100% compliant with Facebook’s terms-of-service… combine these attention grabbing images with Copybuilder’s FB Ads Framework for explosive opt-ins and sales

While the Copybuilder Bonus Modules are valuable enough on their own to pick up Reseller Box today, their bonus package isn’t yet complete enough to provide you everything you need as a WP plugin seller. They’re gonna fix this right now.


YOUR Reseller Box Marketing Plan…



Yes, today you’ll get access to the Reseller Box WP plugin bundle you can resell as your own. There’s no easier way to get started in your own WP plugin business. And you also get access to all of the Copybuilder bonus modules. . . still you’re lacking the last critical piece of the profit-pulling puzzle.
This piece is traffic! It’s why they’ve pulled some strings and put together a POWERFUL bonus webinar with Bill Mcintosh which reveals all their best secrets for server-melting traffic.
This webinar is for Reseller Box customers only – and promises to be one of the most dynamic events of 2016. Nothing will be held back . . . prepare to have your socks knocked off!


Get Reseller Box PREMIUM now,click here



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