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Run A Webinar LIFETIME Download

Run A Webinar LIFETIME

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Run A Webinar LIFETIME Overview

Product Name:Run A Webinar LIFETIME

Vendor: Sam Bakker

Product Price: $47.00


Run A Webinar LIFETIME Features

Finally an affordable and FAST solution for running professional hosted webinars and group meetings. This new technology allows you to run professional webinars with the click of a button all hosted through Amazon S3

Within the click of a button you can start to brand your webinar landing page and thankyou page to send your users after registering.

The software then gives you a link to run your website from. Send this link out directly to your subscribers so they can register and join your webinar.

Integrate Opt-In Lead Capture Forms to capture leads as they register for your webinar

Simple webinar interface makes it easy to run a webinar, show your slides, your computer, and run trainings



Create A Webinar Within Minutes With Their

Simple Easy To Add Dashboard…

Run A Webinar LIFETIME

Within just a few steps you can create webinars that

are all ready to gather registrations and host

 Run A Webinar LIFETIME

Add Your Own Custom Thankyou Page To Your

Webinar Registration Page

 Run A Webinar LIFETIME

When a user registers to your webinar you can send

them to the thankyou page of your choice.

Live Web-Based webinar interface

Run A Webinar LIFETIME

You can manage your webinar through their web-based interface.

Show your screen, talk to your visitors and even upload slide

presentations into the webinar to show to visitors


Run A Webinar LIFETIMEHere’s everything you’re getting with this package:


Full Step By Step Training

They understand that training can be just as important as the software. They’ve got everything you’ll need to learn the system and apply it


1 X Live Training Workshop

Join Sam Bakker for a special webinar workshop about how to make money with webinars and use the Run A Webinar system


Chat & Q&A Functionality

Engage your audience answering questions and broadcasting messages through chat during your webinars


Simple Easy To Use Dashboard

The Dashboard has been created to make it very easy to schedule dates, times for your webinars as well as create webinar pages and more

Mobile Responsive Viewing

Registrants can watch your webinars on their mobile devices


Record Your Webinars

Their system records your webinars easily within the software. All you need to do is click a button and your webinar is recorded. You can send out the replay and it will be available for 1 week after recording


WebCam Integration

You can present your webinar through a webcam showing your face while the webinar is running


Upload Slide Presentations

You can upload your presentations slides, send out downloads of the presentation to users or record your screen as you deliver your presentation


Capture Leads When Users Register

As visitors register for your webinar you can automatically capture them into your list


Fully Hosted By Them

They use Amazon To Host Your Webinars. It’s much quicker than Google Hangout and much more stable!


Sell Through Your Webinars

They’ve built in technology allowing you to sell through your webinars far more effectively.


Webinar Analytics

Monitor attendee rates, drop off rates and overall success of your webinars through their advanced statistics system


Webinar Templates

You get 4 pre-created professional high converting webinar templates to use to advertise your webinar


Powerful Run A Webinar Software

You’re getting their powerful web based webinar recording system. Host webinars for your list at the dates of your choice and share your screen, present and communicate


This is the ONLY place you’ll see a software like this! …And even if there was one there is literally no chance that you’d get such a comprehensive training system included with it!

…not including the MASSIVE discount that you’re receiving for finding this page during their ‘launch special’

Click the button below to register for Run A Webinar immediately and the comprehensive system for making money utilizing this software.

Before He forgets He must remind you… right now this is a One Time Per Year fee… no monthly, no trial periods then exorbitant fees. You get EVERYTHING today for a one time yearly fee.

You’ve heard for too long… people making money hand over fist with webinars. It’s now time that you claimed your piece of the pie!

Get Run A Webinar LIFETIME now,click here



1. Can my attendees use any browser to watch the webinar?


2. Can I start the presentation in any other browser than firefox?

Yes but firefox is recommended if you are doing screensharing


Incredibly LIMITED opening special. The reason you’re seeing this page and massive discount is that you’ve either stumbled across this page completely by chance or one of their close JV’s have sent you here. Either way, you’re lucky because this special wont be available for long.

If you’re thinking “Wow He does not can believe how much value is here” then He agrees… you’re right!

In getting access to Run A Webinar you’re likely saving hundred of dollars per month that you’d have to pay in a similar product like Gotowebinar. All you’ll need to do is part of Run A Webinar is pay a small One Time Fee.

And as a founding member you’re getting access to EVERYTHING you need to run webinars successfully with this system. That’s because this software… (like Apple releasing the first Ipod) is ahead of it’s time!

So giving up on this… scrolling away or deciding that you’ll ‘come back later’ is like flushing money down the toilet… This is to bigger opportunity to pass up!

If you miss out on this launch promotion it’s like kissing good bye to your piece of the massive profit filled webinar pie!

…and all of the sales, leads that they guarantee with Run A Webinar…

…will go right into someone else’s pocket

So instead of letting that happen and feel regret, guilt and disappointment, download the Run A Webinar Software & System right now, with the massive 89% grand opening discount, and their iron clad 100% guarantee

So get in now on the ground floor of this ahead of it’s time… Webinar Technology…

Run A Webinar LIFETIME

Run A Webinar LIFETIME-No Programming And NO Tech skills required.


Works On Both Mac And PC

Run A Webinar LIFETIME

This webinar system works on both MAC and PC. It’s easy to use,

even if you’re starting out you can use this to communicate and sell

to your visitors:

Run A Webinar LIFETIME


Run A Webinar LIFETIME

That’s Not All Though

Inside this system He is going to let you look over his shoulder as He takes you by the hand and lead you to where the money is with webinars! You simply need to copy what He does and cash in!

He is going to detail in this system exactly how He runs webinars that grab people’s attention, sell and have helped him make over 1 million dollars through webinars alone. In fact just one of our webinars generated over $100,000 in sales.

Not only that but He is going to show you his exact campaigns where He utilizes webinars and how He uses it to sell affiliate products, his own products and produce videos for clients of mine.

You’re also going to get a head start with Run A Webinar and using it with clients. You’ll learn the best ways it can be used to grab the attention of your audience and long story short make you more money online.

This is the BEST system you’ll get your hands on this year!

He is also going to outline for you his proven conversion formula with webinars. Ill take you step by step through how to create a converting webinar presentation.


Special Bonus:

Run A Webinar LIFETIME

They want to ensure that you can reach the same success they, their beta testers and many of their current customers have reached so on top of everything you’re already getting they’re going to add in a complete 90 minute workshop all about how to utilize webinars to make more money in your business… Imagine being able to ask any question you want as they showcase this software, system in action! Making money in front of your eyes as well as generating sales hand over fist. If you’d like to see that and have the opportunity to ask any question you want they’re adding in as a bonus a complete session that they look forward to seeing you on live.


Get Run A Webinar LIFETIME now,click here




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