Video Jeet 2 Discount and Download

 Video Jeet 2 Discount and Download



Video Jeet 2- What Is It?

Video Jeet 2 is a cloud-based software application that will link to YouTube through YouTube API to discover the latest and the most popular videos for any niche or keyword and autopost it to your blog.


  • 100% Top quality natural traffic pertaining to you from leading areas all over the world.
  • Curate videos for any keyword and for any specific niche.
  • Posts to WordPress, Blogger blog sites, Tumblr or Livejournal.
  • Follow channels and instantly curate their latest videos.
  • Automatically replace Video descriptions & relate to your material.
  • Modify title, text, or tags as per your needs.
  • Autoposts videos on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Pings leading search engines on the vehicle.
  • Free blogs on Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal can get you totally free traffic without needing to invest a cent.
  • Earn through adsense, affiliate offers or reroute traffic to your cash making websites.
  • Vehicle develop top quality backlinks to any site.
  • Arrange your posts for any time you want.

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It is extremely easy to use, simply follow 3 steps:

  1. Find fresh videos using your niche keywords.
  2. Produce a brand-new blog post with the video, its tags and description.
  3. Do this for 10-20 videos every day in each niche.

Enjoy the demonstration video listed below to see Video Jeet 2 in action and take a look at its functionally and features.


  • 100% autopilot. Set it up, and forget it absolutely nothing else to manage.
  • Totally adjustable. Modification anything you want. Right from the videos you post, to the keywords, titles or descriptions.
  • Functions with any blog theme or style. It uses the authorized APIs for all platforms and works out of the box with any setup.
  • Posts videos to Facebook & Twitter, owning traffic to your blog site from social networks on auto-pilot.
  • Pings numerous search engines and directory sites to help you get noted faster on Google and other search engines.
  • Utilizes keywords from the videos and transforms them to Hashtags, to obtain traffic from keywords that you didn’t even think about.




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