WP Site Launcher – Unlimited Site License Review

WP Site Launcher – Unlimited Site License Review




WP Site Launcher – Unlimited Site License Overview

Product Name : WP Site Launcher – Unlimited Site License
Vendor: Jonathan, Lester & Jatin
Product Price: $18.26


WP Site Launcher Launch & Protect Your WP Site In 1-Click

WP Site Launcher is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that does ALL of your startup tasks while at the same time protecting your website from bots and scrappers through a simple, one-click process.

SEO setup?

Plugin installation?

Setting up basic site pages — like home, about, contact?

Website protection?

Yes, WP Site Builder even comes with a set of built-in security features to keep your site 100% safe and secure.
It’s simply the best, fastest way to set up your WordPress site.


WP Site Launcher – Unlimited Site License-The Fastest & Easiest Way To Launch AND
Protect Your WordPress Site In Seconds…

  • One-Click WordPress Setup
  • Newbie Friendly “Click-N-Go” Functionality
  • IP Ban Protection
  • Creates Google-Friendly WordPress Sites
  • Instant Site Security
  • Anti-Scrapping Feature


WP Site Launcher – Unlimited Site License-The ‘Site Launcher’ Module Makes It Super Easy To Build Launch
Your Website in As Little As 5 Seconds!



1. Delete Unwanted Default Pages
Want to start a fresh new site? Simply check the ‘Select All’ option to delete everything and make your website BRAND NEW.




2. Create Content

Why waste UP to an hour creating each and every post, page or even category manually?
Just point and click. You can create UNLIMITED pages, posts, categories on the go.
Home, about, services, contact and more–you can set ALL of them up in one click.
And how about legal pages?
Site Launcher takes care of that as well. Just check the ‘Add Content’ box and voila!
Your legal pages are created and FILLED with content!




frnt_img33. Configure Settings
Instantly configure all the important settings of your WordPress site.
Instantly optimize your permalink structure for better Google rankings.
Point. Click. Done.



frnt_img44. Install Popular Plugins
Why waste over 15 minutes just to install the 10 best plugins on your website when you can do it in just ONE click?
Click the ‘Select All’ option and you’ll immediately have the most popular plugins installed on your wordpress.
Easy. Convenient. Super Time Saver.
Click the button and BOOM!



Plugins include:


Get WP Site Launcher – Unlimited Site License now,click here


WP Site Launcher security features

Site Protector
‘Site Protector’ Secures Your Website By Preventing Bots & Scrapers From Eating Your Bandwidth Usage!



1. Set Basic Protection
Want more privacy? No problem. Site protector gives you the ability to ‘scramble’ email addresses on your pages, preventing bots from harvesting the content.
You can also disable your blog feed, to stop people spying on your activities as well as preventing people from loading your website in IFrames.
Just click to activate!


frnt_img62. Set Advanced Protection
Ever wonder why your website is so slow to load?
May be there are some ‘suspicious activities’ from bots which are eating your bandwidth.
The Advanced Protection module takes care of it.
With just a few clicks, you can instantly configure who and how many times people can view certain pictures on your site.
You can ban IPs and also limit the amount of times they view certain things.
You have 100%, complete, absolute control over your content.




But there’s more:
We wanted to make this software so simple to use that we took care of every minor details to enhance your experience when using it.
Presenting to you…


The ‘Tips’ Module
No Guess Work. Each Feature Is Fully Explained.

The ‘Tips’ module is a simple handbook feature that explains each feature, so you know exactly what will happen when you use it.

Simply place your cursor over the icon, and a helpful explanation pops up instantly.
You don’t need to refer back to the tutorial videos or manual. Everything is right here making it super convenient for you.
WP Site Launcher Includes:

  • Site Launcher
  • Site Protector
  • Tips


WP Site Launcher – Unlimited Site License-How It Works

With WP Site Builder you can setup and secure your WordPress site in 3 simple steps:

Step 1
Upload WP Site Launcher Plugin

Step 2
Click To Build Your Website

Step 3
Choose Your Security Settings

WP site launcher removes all the technical hassles of building your WordPress site manually. You’ll savean hour or more of work that it would normally take to build your website.
With our built-in features, you can point and click your way to better blog posts, pages, configure the settings, install plugins, optimize your site for google rankings and so many more.


WP Site Launcher – Unlimited Site License Fast Action Bonuses



Fast Action Bonus #1: WP Image Plus Plugin
WP Image Plus allows you to instantly access a gigantic gallery of over 1,000,000 top-notch copyright-free images from 8 different huge websites.

  • Royalty-free images.
  • Use on an unlimited number of sites.
  • Boost your SEO with image-enriched content.
  • Keep readers on your site longer.
  • Yours FREE when you order WP Site Launcher.




Fact Action Bonus #2: Review Me Plugin

WP Review Me is a practical, powerful and easy-to-use plugin that will allow you to create review pages anywhere in your blog in just a few minutes.

  • Add review pages instantly.
  • Insert testimonials.
  • Dramatically boost the value of your site.



Get WP Site Launcher – Unlimited Site License now,click here


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